PC Services

cannot-find-printerHelp with your PC

If you are looking for help and assistance with your PC, laptop, network or ADSL installation then I may be able to help with a cost effective service for expats in the Poitou Charentes.

PC Maintenance u0026amp; Troubleshooting

If you have PC or laptop that is running slowly, or you are having connection issues then I may be able to help. Replacing computers can prove costly and is often unnecessary if you are able to keep your system running smoothly, or even consider memory or hard drive upgrades you are able to give your computer a new lease of life.

ADSL, Dial-up and telephones

ADSL (or broadband) is available in many areas in France assuming that you live within about 5-6kms of a telephone exchange (normally in a reasonable sized town). Alternatively you can consider satellite internet if you are too far from an exchange.

I have experience creating networks which incorporate telephone communications and we are happy to give you proposals to make the most of your system. It is possible to integrate the networking and the telecommunications across a number of buildings using wifi or fixed cables.