Protect your emails from prying eyes with an e-padlock.

If you are sending confidential personal information via email you really should use an email encryption system like PGP.

Unfortunately many people don’t use it, and if you need to get someone to email you some information and they don’t use encryption, then what do you do?

Simple – create your personal Epadlock lock and key, email them the padlock and keep the key. They use the padlock file to ‘encrypt’ the data and send the resulting code in an email to you. You use your ‘key’ file to decrypt the code so you can read the original data.

Created using PHP and javascript to keep it easy to use.

The Epadlock is a secure solution for sending data in emails without encrypted emails, which need to be used by both parties for successful encryption. Created by Alistair Macleod and hosted at my website secureonthenet.com.

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