If you want a hobby site, or just a presence on the internet, promote your club, gite rental or business venture, gallery or shop, how will you set it up and more importantly how you will maintain it?

Basic Website Offer

Your own domain name (.com, .co.uk, .fr, .eu, .org or similar). Web hosting for 1 year, including unlimited traffic and Web space configured by Technic-al. Email redirections – based on the form xyz@yourdomain. We will maintain the hosting, and can provide a range of other services which I can quote on once I know your specific requirements for you website, style adaptations and your level of expertise.

Basic Design

The Business Card website will have standard pages, like Introduction, About Us, Location, any pages to describe your business and services as well as a Contact Form. If there are particular extras you think will enhance the site, we can quote on specific additions that you may need. More details in the WEBSITE RATECARD

Alternative Offers

HTML based sites, other specialist programs for forums and other CMS structures are available for more complex sites. It is too complicated to describe here as it will depend upon what you need. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide a proposal. WEBSITE REQUEST FORM

What do you need to do?

What type of site do you need? What level of involvement of the management of the software do you feel happy to undertake? This will help you to decide which is the right offer for you. Do you have specific services that could be added to the website? This will help determine if you need more programming.

Next Stage

The main consideration is how you want to update your web site. The Business Card site needs to be updated by us via instructions from you by email. Contact me to find out more details using my WEBSITE REQUEST FORM