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My name is Alistair Macleod.

Located in Chef-Boutonne, I provide computing, website and internet services in the Poitou-Charentes as Technic-al.

Website Design

I can create websites from scratch, or use website frameworks like Wordpress which will allow users to update and create content that builds into more complex websites.

I can provide the complete service from design through to web site hosting and maintenance.

My background is in marketing so as well as usability I take a marketing perspective on content and can offer small business support.



Websites you can develop yourself

  • A full service and flexible website
  • Wordpress sites can be any size
  • Varying levels of support
  • You decide how much you want to do
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Business Card Website

Simple one page websites

  • Simple to maintain
  • If you want fewer pages
  • Email based updates
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Bespoke HTML5 sites

Need a different approach?

  • Web sites written for specific needs
  • Complete flexibility
  • A website custom made for you


All levels of traffic

  • Economic shared hosting
  • More powerful dedicated VPS
  • Managed and secure
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Get started guide

New to web sites?

  • Simple guide to web sites
  • Includes examples
  • Background to the process
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Some of our websites

See for yourself

  • PHP/HTML5 websites
  • Wordpress websites
  • Simple websites
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PC services

A range of support services range from PC repairs, fixing software issues through to DIY articles to keep your PC running smoothly.

Most projects will be based upon quotes but hourly rates for onsite and offsite support.

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Help with PCs

Software problems

  • Windows & Linux PCs
  • Software issues
  • Advice & guidance

PCs & networks

Installs and repairs

  • Hardware problems
  • Networks & ADSL
  • PC upgrades
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Articles and Tips

DIY assistance

  • Articles on Software
  • Technical Papers
  • DIY tips

Tools and Resources

Useful tools to help you with your PC creating a website or staying safe and secure on the internet.

Articles and tips about PCs and websites.


Protect email content

  • Send codes safely
  • Easy to use
  • Simple email encryption
epadlock explained

Password Assessor

How bad is your password?

  • Check real strength
  • Easy to use
  • Compare to most used
Password Assessor

Password Padder

Fast and Effective

  • Easy to use
  • Strong unique passwords
  • Easier to remember
Password Padder


I started in business services creating marketing and sales promotion campaigns for blue chip companies.

First programming in Basic, moving onto ACORN, then building PCs, using DOS, Windows and Linux.

Based in an old water mill in the heart of the Poitou I also write websites using a range of technologies.

I believe in keeping websites as simple and compact as possible. Websites are becoming more bloated by designers in towns with lightning fast fibre optic bandwidth, adding unnecessary bells and whistles, like flash slideshows, which are unsafe and fill bandwidth for country users not blessed with fast ADSL, let alone fibre optics.

My background is in marketing so as well as usability I take a sales and marketing perspective on content too and can offer marketing and small business support.