About technic-al.com


The main web site is based on the blogging software WordPress which is freely available for web site creation. It uses the Astra theme with adaptations by Alistair. If you would like a website with WordPress, please contact me.

Website Content

The design and HTML for the site was created by Alistair, together with the PHP and javascript. The site content and articles has been developed by Alistair. The images are mainly created by Alistair, although there are also some royalty free photos and images too.

About Alistair

I started in business services, creating marketing and sales promotion campaigns for blue chip companies.

First programming in Basic, moving onto ACORN, then building PCs, using DOS, Windows and Linux.

Based in an old water mill in the heart of the Poitou I also write websites using a range of technologies.I believe in keeping websites as simple and compact as possible.

Websites are becoming more bloated by designers in towns with lightning fast fibre optic bandwidth, adding unnecessary bells and whistles, like flash slideshows, which are unsafe and fill bandwidth for country users not blessed with fast ADSL, let alone fibre optics.

My background is in marketing so as well as usability I take a sales and marketing perspective on content too and can offer marketing and small business support.

Do you need my help?

If you are looking for help with you PC, laptop or tablet or want to have a website to promote your business then I’m sure that I can help.

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