If you want a hobby site, or just a presence on the internet, promote your club or business venture, gallery, shop or want it for publicity, information site or even ecommerce then we can help.

Setting up a website

Internet DomainsOnce you have decided to have a website, you need to consider what to call it (Domain Name) and most importantly how to create it and add content. Traditionally, sites are created in HTML and other complex languages, which can mean you need a specialist to make changes.

Depending upon your particular needs we have 2 alternatives using tried and tested CMS (Content Management System) software, hosted and managed by Technic-al so you can concentrate on your website.

Our WordPress alternative

www-wpWe provide an alternative, where we set up a WordPress based website and base it on our hosting facility. It will include your own domain name and hosting for 1 year. Three levels of offer are available, depending upon how much involvement you need from us. You can self-manage the site completely, or we can manage the site, leaving you to just deal with content. More details of the offers HERE.

Specific Website Requirements

WebsiteIf you have very specific requirements for a website, or don’t want to run a CMS style website and feel you need additional services then we would be happy to quote on a bespoke design of website for you. Use our WEBSITE REQUEST FORM

Simple Website Hosting

 Web HostingIf you already have a web site and are interested in changing your hosting service, then we may be able to advise with alternatives, including VPS or dedicated servers. Use our WEBSITE REQUEST FORM