Do you know where your spam comes from?

Like me you probably read lots of reports about unscrupulous Chinese and Russians invading your space with spam and unsavoury junk. Well it’s true a lot comes from those countries, but according to Spamhaus the authority on the subject, these countries pale into insignificance compared to the ‘Land of the Free’ – USA.

See the top 10 countries for spam (screenshot above from and you can see that 40% of all spam comes from USA and even ‘respectable’ countries like UK, France and Germany send out a fair bit!

If you are a website designer, like me, wanting to use an IP banning strategy then this is something you need to consider.

If you are a user then it is well to know that it is more likely that spam is coming from USA than anywhere else.

So, like the original SPAM that came to us before the second World War, this new generation of spam is coming from the United States.

Original SPAM from the Hormel Foods Corporation of Minnesota, USA.



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