Free alternatives to Microsoft Office

If your PC does not come with Microsoft Office, or it is only a trial version and you don’t want to pay for the full version then look to the Open Source community.

Free alternatives exist and many believe they do the job just as well.


OpenOffice has been around for over 20 years and downloaded over 100 million times. It features all of the word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software of Microsoft Office. Originally aimed at Linux machines you can download a Windows version now.


This is a fork of OpenOffice (namely the developers have decided to develop the open source (free) code into a different area and so the software has been styled away from OpenOffice). I use LibreOffice, primarily because I use Linux and it is favoured by many distributions of Linux and find it does everything that Microsoft Office does – it will open Office files and can also save its files to Microsoft formats too.

Why not give then a try. They are free to download and if you don’t like them it is easy to go back to MS Office.

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