It is all about content

There are 2 reasons why the content of the website is very important to its success.

First, in order to make your website of interest to potential visitors you need to have content that they want to see, read and act upon. This can be in the form of useful information (like a news site), or entertaining videos (like a video website). Alternatively, it may just showcase your business, in which case it needs to encourage the visitor to the next step – to contact you and start a transaction.

Second, search engine criteria for good positions include type/amount of content in relation to the search request and the frequency it changes content (this will make the site seem more dynamic and up to date).

Content is hard work to add to the site. If you are writing your own material it is like being an author – material needs to be researched, checked and input. Many sites like forums and social media rely upon a steady flow of content from members and so only need to deal with the framework of the site.

When you come to create your site you must think about what you want to say and the images you want to use on the site and this can often be a lot harder than coding in HTML or PHP. Make a checklist of points and link them to relevant images (photographs, illustrations or even clipart).

Be aware that any images must be freely available to use – copyright applies to many images and you should try to use only ones you are sure are open to use without restrictions. Creating your own is the best option if you have a camera or an aptitude for drawing.

Then think how this will link together in pages on a website as these are inter-related by links. By knowing what you want to say you can better make a design layout for the website that achieves your objectives.

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